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About Us

Founded in Malaysia in 2014 and later relocating its headquarters to Turkey in 2019, STH Group Ltd.Şti was born with a mission to simplify international trade, fostering seamless connections between East Asian nations and Turkey, along with the EU. Leveraging the collective expertise and values of our Board of Directors, we’ve honed our focus on the Manufacture and trade of construction materials, specializing in natural stone, cement, and Ceramic, to ensure unparalleled excellence and reliability in every transaction.

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Our Services

As industry pioneers, we take pride in crafting the most dependable and cutting-edge solutions tailored to meet your needs with style and precision.

Tailored Manufacturing and OEM Solutions:

We specialize in manufacturing and OEM solutions, tailoring every product to your unique specifications, ensuring we bring your vision to life with precision and expertise.

Global Reach, Seamless Logistics:

Ensures Swift Delivery of Your Orders, Connecting East Asian Excellence to Turkey and EU Regions.

Beyond Borders, Flawless Transactions:

We Deliver Expert Inspection and Custom Clearance, Ensuring Your Goods Navigate the Global Market Smoothly.

The ultimate destination, where perfection meets solution, catering to all your industry needs under one roof.

Industries We Serve!

Natural Stone

STH Group is your go-to source for natural stone solutions, offering a diverse range in any type and quantity to meet your unique specifications and demands.


STH Group stands as your reliable source for cement, offering a comprehensive range to meet all your requirements. Whether it’s bulk quantities or specialized needs, we’ve got your cement demands covered.


Discover a world of possibilities with STH Group as your ceramic partner. From bespoke designs to bulk orders, we deliver a diverse range of ceramic solutions to meet your every need.

Experience the essence of quality in every facet of our service – at STH Group, it's not just a promise, it's a sensation you'll feel with every interaction.