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Since day One, our team has excelled in comprehending the industry's needs, consistently delivering dependable products to cater to them all.

Founded in Malaysia in 2014 and later relocating its headquarters to Turkey in 2019, STH Group Ltd.Şti was born with a mission to simplify international trade, fostering seamless connections between East Asian nations and Turkey, along with the EU. Leveraging the collective expertise and values of our Board of Directors, we’ve honed our focus on the Manufacture and trade of construction materials, specializing in natural stone, cement, and Ceramic, to ensure unparalleled excellence and reliability in every transaction.

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Our Mission:

To facilitate seamless global trade, STH Group Ltd.Şti is dedicated to building robust worldwide connections and fostering partnerships with top-tier manufacturers and companies across the globe. Our mission is to establish a secure and swift trading platform, eliminating supply chain concerns for international traders. We aim to empower our customers to focus solely on sales, knowing that STH Group is committed to delivering their diverse needs with unparalleled quality and reliability.

Our Vision:

Aspiring to be the beacon of excellence in international trade, STH Group Ltd.Şti envisions a world where businesses thrive without borders. Our vision is to create a dynamic and interconnected global trading ecosystem, where our innovative platform ensures safe and rapid exchanges between nations. By cultivating lasting relationships with quality manufacturers worldwide, we strive to redefine the future of cross-border commerce, setting the standard for efficiency, trust, and excellence in every transaction.